Mark Middleton

Group CEO

The minute you meet Mark you know he is passionate about access to world-class healthcare. As the Group CEO, and a highly-regarded radiation therapist, Mark knows all too well the impact of cancer on patients, family and society. His leadership style is simple, nurture and challenge a team to deliver exceptional cancer care and grow the business to deliver that care for as many people as possible.

Since taking the reins in 2015, Mark has delivered a robust growth profile. In this time the Group has expanded into China and Singapore, with a significant South-East Asia reach, delivered a 50% increase in their radiation oncology footprint and driven acquisition in the chemotherapy compounding space to deliver one of Australia’s largest oncology manufacturers. Before this Mark led the Radiation Oncology Centres [ROC] team, including the successful acquisition of ROI and Oceania into the radiation oncology business.

Mark was a State Finalist for the Australian Institute of Management [AIM] Queensland Manager of the Year in 2014 and regional winner of the AIM Excellence Award 2015. He has a Master of Business Administration from Deakin University and is a Fellow of both the AIM and the Australian Institute of Radiography [AIR].

Ross Koscharsky

Group CFO

Ross’ focus and experience has seen the Group deliver an ambitious growth profile over the past year. As Group CFO, Ross’ approach to private healthcare is the perfect balance of strong financial management and belief in exceptional healthcare for patients.

Ross has over 15 years’ experience in Group CFO roles, with almost 10 years in healthcare. Undertaking mergers and acquisitions, while driving significant growth and integration, has been his career ‘bread and butter’.

Ross leads the Icon Core Services division, which operates as a corporate service function delivering finance, IT, HR, marketing and facilities support for the business divisions. Since joining Icon, Ross has completed eight acquisitions including debt and equity financing to support growth of the Group.

He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting) from Macquarie University. Ross has been involved in a number of charitable organisations and is currently a Director of the Icon Cancer Foundation.

Jim Frantzis

Executive Manager – Oncology Strategic Growth

Jim’s enthusiasm for people and patients is undeniable. As Executive Manager of Oncology Strategic Growth, Jim’s focus is at the forefront of the industry in both capability and technology. As an Icon leader, he leads with a belief that the patient is at the centre of everything we do. It is this approach that ensures people receive exceptional cancer care every time they set foot through the door of one of our centres.

Jim has spent his entire career in cancer care and has been instrumental in driving clinical excellence, operational efficiency and delivering leading best-practice programs particularly in the radiation oncology space. Having spent his early career as a radiation therapists, Jim has always been passionate about patient care and the continual improvement of oncology services. Heading our strategic growth of oncology across Australia, Jim drives new services and technical projects, ensuring we remain a leader in oncology.

Research also remains a passion of Jim’s. He is widely published and has coordinated national clinical trials in collaboration with The Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group [TROG].

Teena Pisarev

CEO – Icon SOC [Singapore Oncology Consultants]

Teena’s ability to engage a team and deliver growth is the reason she is leading our first foray into international healthcare. Her leadership style is simple – happy, engaged clinicians and team results in exceptional patient care.

With more than 15 years management and business development experience in the private health sector, Teena has a broad understanding of the emerging trends and challenges facing the health industry. Over her career Teena has recruited and established practices for new doctors, led major brownfield healthcare redevelopments, and implemented new services to significantly increase visiting specialists and patient numbers.

In her most recent role as CEO of Icon Cancer Care, she oversaw divisional expansion via engagement with VMOs, staff and partner organisations. Through the simplification of processes, strengthening of clinical governance and empowerment of local leaders, Teena delivered strong growth in activity and EBITDA. The 2015-2016 financial year saw record numbers of patients treated across the network, with many locations posting higher activity than ever before. Teena’s ability to execute growth will be integral to expanding our South-East Asia footprint in her role as CEO Icon SOC [Singapore Oncology Consultants].

Andrew Reid

CEO – Pharmacy Services

Positioning for growth inside and outside of the pharmacy sector has been the hallmark of Andrew’s career. During Andrew’s time as CEO of Epic Pharmacy he has been heavily involved in the development of each new business that Epic has incubated, including Icon Cancer Care. Now as CEO of the Group’s pharmacy services, Andrew leads Epic Pharmacy, Icon Cancer Care Pharmacy and Slade Pharmacy, building on the strengths of each team to deliver improved patient and customer experiences.

Coming from a strong business and financial background, Andrew brings considerable knowledge and experience to his position. He joined Epic in 2008 as Finance Manager, before moving to the role of GM Corporate Services in 2009. He was appointed CEO in 2012. Since taking this leadership role, Andrew has delivered 100% growth in the pharmacy division.

He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Business from Monash University.

David Slade

CEO – Slade

From the moment you meet David you know his integrity runs through every part of the Slade business. His dedication to customers, commitment to patient care and vision has seen the company become a leading national provider of hospital and compounding pharmacy services.

His deep understanding of the healthcare industry not only underpins the 50 year old Slade Pharmacy business, but has been integral to the evolution of Slade Health. Seeing an opportunity to evolve outside of pharmacy, David established Slade Health in 2012. He recently led the acquisition of Fresenius Kabi and McBeath Oncology Compounding, which makes Slade Health one of Australia’s largest chemotherapy compounders.

David is passionate about innovation and using technology to improve the operations of the business. He was the first in Australia to introduce robotic dispensing technology into hospital pharmacy, develop and deploy an online ordering system for chemotherapy and unique barcoding technology to support patient safety in hospitals.

Toni Sisson

Executive Manager – China and New Zealand Projects

Delivering the development that goes hand-in-hand with extensive growth is no small feat. As Executive Manager of China and New Zealand Projects, Toni is responsible for helping foster our international growth and establish state-of-the-art centres to provide more and more people with access to cancer care.

Her career has included Radiation Therapist, Quality Manager, Site Manager and Development Manager roles in radiation oncology, giving her a firm insight into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of world-class cancer care. This experience ensures each new centre delivered under Icon Group has a best-practice approach to environment and technology. Toni delivered Icon Group’s first integrated centre in Brisbane’s North Lakes, bringing together the medical oncology and haematology, radiation oncology and pharmacy businesses under one roof.

Toni leads the development of centres into China, lending her radiation oncology knowledge and experience to the development and commissioning process of these centres. This involves working with our Chinese partners, Yibai Healthcare, to establish 50 sites dedicated to first class cancer treatment. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiation Therapy and a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Project Management.

Jenny Hansen

Group Brand & Communication Manager

There is no mistaking that Jenny Hansen is passionate about the integrity of the Icon Group brand and care delivered under its name. With more than 15 years marketing experience in the health sector, she has a broad understanding of the referral and engagement levers driving the industry.

Having joined Epic Pharmacy in 2008, Jenny has delivered a number of significant branding milestones including the rebranding of APHS to Epic Pharmacy, the early formation of Icon Cancer Care and development of the APHS Packaging brand (now Dose Aid). She was integral to the success and acceptance of the Epic brand by internal and external stakeholders.

Jenny has worked across a wide range of healthcare sectors including private hospital, medical testing and allied health, in both profit and not-for-profit.
With the evolution of her role across Icon Group, Jenny is focused on delivering strong and effective strategies to cement Icon Group as the cornerstone of ‘end-to-end’ cancer care. This will go hand-in-hand with activities that support growth and expansion of each business unit, as well as their mission to deliver exceptional patient care.